Shenhav Kimhi
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Bridging the gap between creative & marketing.

About Me


Marketing &
Branding Strategy

I see myself as a brand builder. 

I like to take a journey into the core of a brand, understand the vision, the idea behind the product and how it can evolve into a brand. Because a good product or idea is not enough - describing it and visualize it, turn the product into an experience with a meaning.

With an overload of products, this is what the customer is looking for - the added value, a connection to the brand.

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Personalization & Customization

When asked for the reason to invest in personalization & customization, I always give the analogy of selling just one-size product. We are all very different, not just in sizing, but in taste and needs. In a world of over stimulation, tailored content upgrades the customers’ experience and by that raise their loyalty at a time when it’s more important than ever. Based on your goals and budget, personalization & customization can be suited in all stages of customer journey.