Marketing professional with 10 years of experience in all facets of marketing and digital media, focus on the fashion and e commerce industry. Specialized in growth marketing and acquisition, brand launch, marketing strategy and analytics models. Record of managing and investing marketing budget of over $10 M a year via omni-channel strategy.

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Shenhav is a true partner in every sense of the word. She is analytical, decisive, commanding and collaborative. She is in a constant state of learning, if there is a new platform, program or algorithm she is either already exploring it or on the verge. Her goal is always to benefit the business, whether via tactical, strategic or creative avenues as they relate to marketing. Her past PR experience further amplifies her ability to recognize opportunities outside traditional marketing avenues. She has a brilliant eye for partnerships and can quickly develop relationships to benefit the brand. She consistently has exceeded my expectations in every task or initiative presented, and she is a wonderful person to have on your team in every regard.
— Amy Riordan, Brand President at Undies.com