Content Marketing

I started my career in PR, where I lived and breathe story telling and content as an engagement channel with the customers.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy and not just good for SEO purposes. With the flooding of information now days, it is all about giving an added value, being attractive and interesting. The product is just an object without the branding behind it. Data is critical for building the right content marketing strategy, mainly to understand what your target audience wants and needs to see.

The brand story should be told by evokes emotions, which are the power driving people to shop. The most engaging way to peruse it will be through images and videos.


Story telling via pictures

While copy is important and should be on the site in the form of feature page/ blog or product description, visuals are more engaging.

As a visual person I always drive the copywriter and Art director to use as little words and impactful images. On every channel, an image is not a stand alone but a part of a longer conversation with the customer. Trust you’re A/B testing with finding the right story to tell and ask your customers how you can fill holes of information. Dynamic content on channels like emails or Facebook ads is a great way to optimize content based on different segments.

Start your content marketing planning with research for trends and get insperation from other brands that are rocking content marketing.


Social >

Social media is the manifest of the brand. Catalogs and direct mailing are expensive, limited, and hard to measure, so at we transform our social media into a blog of images and videos, telling a cohesive story about the brand and discussing the product in a more creative away. More>

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Videos are very trendy right now and for a reason, they can be used on different marketing channels (while adjusting the video to each one) or your e commerce. They make story telling easier and effective by sharing multiple angels or products to better visualize the brand.


Influencers >

Another form of content marketing can be the one told by others. To increase diversity, give different point of views and expend the reach, utilizing co-created content is key. More>