Customer Journey

From a successful campaign to a phenomenal shopping experience- it’s all part of your marketing strategy.

You just ran a kick ass campaign, featuring on brand creative and a short but to the point “call to action”. Now, when the customers are on your site, how do you convert them? Marketing does not end at the campaign stage. Customers are expecting the shopping experience to reflect the expectations they had from the campaign. If we just used a specific tone and brand voice to describe holiday dressing, the landing page should be holiday dressing, when the first image showing is the dress from the campaign and the visuals are similar to the branding we presented (unless testing shows otherwise).

The Customer journey starts with a campaign and ends at the checkout.

In between, the right analyzation will indicate how your customers like to shop which should be utilized to create the smartest flow for the average customer. And in case the brand can afford it, AI customization on home page will make the experience more personal and likely improve the performance.



In my short life I had the privilege to launch 5 different sites, for 3 different brands. Most the times, the trigger was fixing common tech mistakes or change platforms according to the brands’ needs. More >

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Site Optimization

Just as with any marketing channel, optimization is needed on your ecommerce platform itself, to ensure the brand is following customers’ shopping habits and industry trend. More>