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I see myself as a brand builder. Why?

I like to take a journey into the core of a brand, understand the vision, the idea behind the product and how it can evolve into a brand. Because a good product or idea is not enough - describing it and visualizing it, turn the product into an experience with a meaning.

With an overload of products, this is what the customer is looking for - the added value, a connection to the brand.

It is when passion is happening- the highest level of customers’ engagement.

What I just described is a process of formulating a brand strategy, and the base of any marketing plan, that cannot be executed without a cohesive brand voice.


So whats marketing got to do with it?

There is a common misconception that marketing is selling someone something that they don’t need. Digital marketing however, changed the conversation to be about attracting the right people because the brand has something they need, whether they initially recognize that need or not.

While branding is about feeling and connection, marketing is more technical. It’s a calendar-based method, which includes long and short term goals, lining up channels, understanding where to start engaging with a customer and what to tell them according to their needs. Going back to the basics, the branding will help with combining a unique message with a call to action to convert the customer. Spring 2017 branding campaign - high impact and product focused Spring 2017 branding campaign - high impact and product focused

When I started my career, I was struggling with understanding the word- strategy. I remember asking my professor during my MBA what is the difference between strategy and planning? He said strategy is a way of thinking how to plan. 

The whole process of strategy is asking questions. All the time and all sorts of them. Who is the brand? What is so special about it? Who is the customer? Where are they right now? How can I bring them to me?

The answers will come in time, and will change, all the time. But we’ll get there when we discuss data analytics. One step at a time.

Almost feels like building something right?


Translating the Vision into Visual

Fashion at the first layer is the brand's point of view. Styling starts at the first layer the cusotmers wear and effect the way they feel. We followed this belief with any creative or product we designed so it was reflected on each site page or campaign. All visuals had to follow the brand language to maintain a cohecive brand voice. 

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Shopping is an Emotional Experience 

Evoking emotion or passion towards the brand, is the first outcome you should expect when executing the brand strategy. With that in mind the creative and design should aline with the brand vision and at the same time express a  feelings of the brand vision. Understanding what will make the customers to react is the key to increase engagement with the brand.