The Power of Data

The digital era not only transformed the way we shop, but also raised the power of collecting information in the most accurate way in every stage of the customer journey. Power can be a bad force, so it needs to be used the right way. With an overload of data and analytical tools out there, what is the best way to utilize all the information we own?

I find a lot of brands are using data for reporting vs a measurement for optimization. While the use of numbers should be to ensure exceeding goals, there is  much to learn from data even before the stage of showing off the results.

For example, If you see 60% of the customers shopping on mobile but the AOV is lower than desk top, you can learn that they are missing something so you better focus on your mobile experience.

To optimize what’s working and replace what isn’t when the goal is to increase conversion, approach marketing with an ROI-driven mindset in all stages of campaign/ site creation.

A/B Testing 

For a small brand like the best way to learn the audience is testing and testing until finding more them. Since we launched we have been testing channels, creative, copy, call to action and landing pages. Never assuming we are selling to people like us, but learning and extending our segments.

Since the shopping habits of the customers are changing from product to product, past experience or competitor analysis can be misleading and only indicate what should be tested and not determined your strategy. With A/B testing you can utilize the power of data as long as you define the campaign's goal so even if it cost you on the short term, it will help you perform better in the long term. 


Be Methodical

The first role to remember with testing is asking one question at a time. measuring specific element in creative means having just one change while the rest stays exactly the same

For this image test, we wanted to understand which color our customers were most engaging with in an ad (so we could feature that color more often going forward). So we used the same model, the same bra and undie set, and changed the color only. Set a goal of what you want to know, and test only that one variable.


Layout Test- what a small change can make

Ask yourself how come a small change can make a huge difference. At this test, the first layout was much more engaging with 30% increase in conversion. On a previous test we learn that our customers prefer the combination of  on body and a lay-down of the product, but the price, which is very affordable, with a cohesive branding, performed better.  

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Model Test- Working with the resources you've got

One of the KPI we identified was getting more site traffic. We were happy to discover that although the second image was more product focused, the first increased site traffic. The model evoked emotions and matches with the brand identity than the second. Full disclosure: We were very limited with resources at this specific time so we had to compromise on the difference between images, but still got to learn an impactful fact.